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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  November 30, 2015 12:00am-12:11am PST

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something went on. just call us. >> thank you, chief. now i would like to introduce our director of sf mta, ed reiskin. >> thank you, good morning, everyone. i would like to thank ann and the team for her leadership and what the team referenced. to put on a big event like this does take a lot of coordination and planning and is really preparing us for anything that might happen and that planning is essential to making for a great event. it will be a great event as everybody else has said. i think this is a great opportunity for san francisco whether you like football or not, whether you are planning to participate in these activities or not. the super bowl being hosted here is going to bring a lot of people, a lot of excitement and a lot of goodwill to our city which is a good thing.
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from a transportation point of view, our task is really straight forward. we want to make sure that people can safely and readily access the event and from and to the event and everybody else in san francisco can go where they need to go whether it's work or school or just trying to make their way across town. we have been planning with the rest of the city planning but also with the rest of the regional transportation agencies and particularly law enforcement and homeland security, particularly the transportation security administration to make sure we can have a safe and secure event and from secure transit agencies. we want to encourage everybody to take transit because of the transportation we have developed is very much reliant on people taking transit. but for people taking transit, we want people to report anything that looks
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suspicious or worry some. like the chief said, call 911 and let them do their job. to support emergency services in particular, part of our effort is mapping out the security routes, the emergency vehicle access routes to and from all of the various events in the area to make sure that without being impeded, they can do their work. and then in terms of the transportation service itself, we've been working with all the providers and particularly with muni which is going to do a lot of the heavily lifting for this event to make sure that where we can work around and with the street closures to make sure that everybody who wants to take transit from and to the events can and everybody else who uses transit on a regular bases can get to where they need to be going. we've been able to figure out routes to the buses and figure out where the taxi stands will be and the emergency vehicle access will be. this is something we
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do for many large special events. we did it for america's cup and for other large parades and other large celebrations. we are very confident in our ability to ensure people get to where they want to go whether they are participating or not safely and efficiently. we will be encouraging folks to use transit and just to address an issue that's been out there. there has been a lot of talk about the impact that sites down at the foot of embarcadero on muni might have overhead wires. we've been working hand in hand with the community over many months as they are refining their plans. the issue with the wires if you get close to the wires, that's not a safe situation and we need to move the wires. as we've been communicating with them, they have been able to redesign their structures for the village so it will not require
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the removal of overhead wires. the removal of overhead wires would have brought some cost but brought disruption because it would have made the removal period long. without the need to remove wires, that won't be an issue. we'll be able to keep that window closure as soon as possible and get folks to and from the event and around the event as well as possible and we'll continue to work with the other transportation providers to make sure it's great for everybody whether they are participating or not. thanks. >> thank you, ed. it's now my pleasure to introduce keith bruce who is the ceo of the super bowl 50 host committee. keith? >> thank you, ann . good morning, everybody. regardless of who is playing in the super bowl, it is 80 days from today. and more importantly 70 days to the opening of the super bowl city
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and the official celebrations that will mark this great event coming to the bay area. safety and secures has been our no. 1 priority from the very first day that the host committee was formed. we have been working with the nfl, with city officials and with public agencies to ensure a safe and secure environment for super bowl 50. the nfl, the one beautiful thing about the super bowl is it's an annual event and you are able to learn from past super bowls around public safety and security and apply those to future events and with this fantastic team behind me is truly a coalition, it's about a team coming together to provide a strong safe and secure environment for not just the super bowl itself but the activities and events happening around super bowl week in the area. with the exercises yesterday and yesterday with the fbi's efforts that we saw at levi stadium, we are
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clearly on a path to make sure all the safety protocols are in place that are required. in super bowl city, that is one of our crown jewel events for super bowl 50. it's a nine day9-day of events and for guest and around the world who will come to the bay area for super bowl 50 and it's our job to make sure they have a fantastic time and to know what bay area is known for. chief suhr and chief white, the department of homeland security and the federal agencies involved in supporting our efforts, it's a fantastic coalition of support that we enjoy as a host committee. it's our job to make sure they have the resources and information that they need to be able to do their jobs as effectively as they can so everyone enjoys this spectacular event. i would like to thank the
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mayor's office and tony and martha for being so supportive of our efforts and mayor lee of our entire process of this game. we have 80 days to go to the game and 70 days to the opening of our events and we are going to be working very hard on that effort. i would like to reiterate to our partners of the mta and to partners over the past several months in safe and reliable transportation and solutions for not only the guest of super bowl 50, but for the residents and the bay area commuters who work here and live here. we are conscious of all of that as a host committee. as we are looking at plans for super bowl city and finalizing that final foot print and working hard with mta to come up with a plan, a reconfigured plan to work with the city that all of our
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stakeholders are expecting but still not have an impact on the muni wires and keep them in place. we will not be removing those overhead wires at any point in time during the super bowl celebration. it's important that we recognize that this event will be a great event for everybody involved, not just those who are visiting but for the bay area residents as well. we'll continue to finalize our plans for super bowl city and we'll be announcing more details on that in the coming weeks and we want to thank our partners at the mta and all the public safety officials who are here to support a great super bowl 50. thank you very much. >> thank you, keith. before i conclude, i wanted to just acknowledge some of our other partners who did not speak today. we have the mayor's office, martha cohen here who has been doing special events for a number of mayors. but we are very lucky to have
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her as part of our team. we also have jody travisero, from oef, whoo-hoo. kad em king from department of homeland security. and from dod , and john from -- thank you for sticking around. we'll do one on one for anyone interested in that. thank you for coming. [ applause ] >> >>test.
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>> good afternoon islander to call the san francisco public utilities commission to order roll call. >> commissioner vice president moran commissioner courtney commissioner caen is expected shortly. >> thank you very much. >> so we have a very full agenda i know that there is probably a lot of public comment and a contracting presentation i'd like to limit public comment to 2 minutes thank you very much


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